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If you or someone you know needs help with a Social Security Disability claim, we are here to set things on the fast track. Click on the link below to download our simple referral form, then mail or fax (preferred method) per information on the form.

Download our referral form:

PLEASE NOTE: As of July 1, 2024, we are only enrolling cases for people with zero income, and who live in the urban areas of Clackamas County. We do not have the capacity to enroll referrals in Multnomah and Washington counties. Our waitlist for Multnomah County and Washington County residents is currently closed as those caseloads are full at this time. Please download and review our referral form. Using this referral form will save us a step, since we need that before we can even begin to review a case for possible enrollment into our program.

Need to contact your local Social Security Administration Office?
Download our reference page for contact information.

A recent client said:

ASSIST referrals

“My husband and I are delighted to have worked with the staff at ASSIST. They got me a fast and positive result on my SSDI application. The disability process became a lot less intimidating once ASSIST got on board, and they helped us to understand how the Social Security Administration evaluates cases like mine. Our ASSIST staff member was kind, professional, knowledgeable, flexible, organized, prompt and always prepared. We can’t thank them enough!”

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